Personal and Private resort                          


Personal because it’s tailor made. It’s simply a perfect, bespoke holiday.

ESPitality - Your Best Shot at Having the Ultimate Personal or Private Villa Experience

Here “experience beyond expectations” becomes a standard. That’s why we’ve rounded up top-notch villas in and around Puerto Banus, so you can enjoy your vacation in this lush, tropical Spanish region like you’ve never enjoyed before. We only hand-pick properties that offer lovely art, stylish rooms, unbeatable amenities, and industry’s best services.

And there are plenty more reasons why you should book your villa for your next vacation through us.



Because it is tailored just for yours and your loved ones’ needs. You can hire the best suite in a 5 stars hotel but there will be plenty of people sharing your happiest moments just a few steps away.

Enjoy your Spa, your private restaurant, your private pool! Your private luxury life!


VIP concierge

A dedicated specialist will assist you in the creation of your perfect holiday.

With us - wishes come true!

Everything you need will be available on demand.

With Hedó, every day is like having diamond for breakfast.

Simply put, Hedó brings you never-before access to a host of concierge professionals so you can enjoy a perfect time at your villa of choice. Hedó VIP concierge services are customized to reflect your aspiration and transform an otherwise ordinary villa into a private or personal resort/hotel.

You work hard every day, and you deserve a great rest during your vacation, holiday or a trip to Marbella or Puerto Banus. Let Hedó VIP concierge professionals do the following so you can kick back and relax from all the hustles and bustles of work/life.


Hedó marketplace

A marketplace offering all the services you need with just a click. Many service providers but one single bill and search.

Just add to the cart, check-out with the payment (PayPal payment protection included) and your villa is transformed in your private and personal hotel.


Property seeker

To find the ideal and perfect hideaway is not an easy task. It’s time consuming and it’s very difficult for someone who have never seen the property, the location and who doesn’t know much about the area.

Sometimes the pictures are outdated and in the worst-case scenario the property does not exist or the images were stolen from the web.

The property seeker have to do all the needed search and offer you only the property which will fit perfectly with your budget and needs.


Most demanded services 

Why Hire a Personal Executive Chef?                                        

The maid. 

To maintain the villa perfectly neat without requiring you to lift a finger at all times. She can take care of lines, towels and the personal cloths.


The pre-stocking service or shopping for groceries

Not to worry about the shipping and find everything stocked in the fridge of the villa from the very first second! That’s life! That’s holiday!


The Transfer or driver

Somebody to take care of all the mobility issues at any time you need it.


Nanny, masseuse or personal trainer

Why don’t you plan a very intense schedule of activities from fun to relaxing


Why Hire a Personal Executive Chef?

Namasteé Villas, in conjunction with Hedó, prides itself on offering bespoke personal executive chef services that’ll simply knock your socks off.

We get it; you work hard every day - that’s why you deserve a break. So why not let someone else pamper and cook for you while you have the best villa experience in Marbella?

When you are staying in one of the beautiful properties recommended by Namasteé Villas, there could be myriad sound reasons you need a personal chef preparing mouth-watering meals and cleaning in the end.


The Chef Does Everything - You Don't Have to Lift a Finger

Vacationing in a Marbella villa is your best opportunity to kick back and relax away from all the worries of life and work. That’s why you need a professional chef taking care of everything so you can sit back and focus on having a splendid time.

The good news is that these executive chefs handle every aspect of your meals. From offering fabulous local cuisine suggestions, shopping for grocery, cooking and serving or anything in-between, the chef got you covered. All you have to do is watch TV, enjoy Jacuzzi jets, dive into the pool, or just soak up Marbella’s fabulous sunlight.


Entice Your Palate with Authentic Cuisines

If you’re looking to savor and taste the best of local Spanish, Italian or French cuisines, be sure to hire a personal chef. They use only the finest ingredient to whip up authentic meals that’ll certainly take your taste buds to heaven.


Enjoy Restaurant Experience Right in Your Villa

If you like to beat the crowds but fancy restaurant-style meals then you’ll be glad to have a personal chef in your villa. You will not only be served like at a finesse restaurant but also drink and merry without all the hassle of driving.


Celebrate a Special Occasion without any Worry

A personal chef can help you with every detail of your special event, bet it a birthday, anniversary and whatnot. Even better, you can enjoy a meal with your family, friends or colleagues right from the comfort of your villa.


You Don’t Have to Clean Afterwards!

One of the downsides of enjoying a home-cooked meal is having to do all the dishes and cleaning the kitchen. Well, say sayonara to cleaning with a personal chef. He or she will do all the cooking, serving, and shop as well cleaning everything.

Hiring a personal chef to your private or personal villa is an amazing way to enjoy sizzling meals without lifting a finger.